Baby Carlos was delivered by a Prince George’s County police officer Thursday. (Lynh Bui/ TWP/Lynh Bui/TWP)

The man in the blue minivan hollered at Sgt. Nick Cicale for help as they were stopped at the light at a busy intersection Thursday night.

The driver of the van yelled that his wife was about to have a baby.

"Right now?" the Prince George's police officer yelled back.

"Providence Hospital! Providence Hospital!" Carlos Sura kept screaming through the rolled-down window of the van.

Cicale followed, planning to make sure the family would get to the hospital safely, but not more than 200 yards away from where the father in the van waved down the officer it was time.

Sura pulled over and flung open the doors of the van as his wife was in full labor, with the baby's head crowning as Cicale approached.

"Female is having a baby, like right now!" Cicale radioed to dispatchers around 9:40 p.m.

Cicale slipped some gloves on and after a few good contractions, a boy, Carlos, entered the world.

"Little Carlos literally came flying out," Cicale said. "I literally caught him."

"Baby is out," Cicale told dispatchers less than five minutes after stopping.

Sura took off his shirt and Cicale bundled up the crying infant before heading to the hospital.

The 19-year-veteran of the police department visited Baby Carlos and the infant's family Tuesday afternoon, about five days after the officer stopped along East-West Highway in University Park to play stork.

Carlos Sura and his wife, Sara Granados, thanked the officer for helping them make a special delivery.

Cicale presented Baby Carlos with a tiny outfit made to look like a police uniform and a stuffed police K-9 in a vest.

"There's a future police officer right there," Cicale joked as the infant slept nearby in a car seat with the stuffed dog nuzzling against his chest.

Granados said she had been to the hospital earlier Thursday but was told to go back home because it was still early in her labor. On the second trip to the hospital, she said something felt wrong and she was worried she had lost the baby. She was relieved to see a police officer coming to her aid.

Cicale, who works for the K-9 section, said he has one son, but never thought he'd be involved with delivering a baby. He said Granados did all the hard work.

"I was just there to catch him," Cicale said.

Sura and Granados said they were thankful Cicale was at the right place at the right time.

"I'm very happy," Sura said. "Everything is good now."