The first confirmed case of a West Nile Virus infection in Maryland this year was reported Monday by the state health department.

An adult resident of western Maryland was infected and survived, the department said.

It also said the virus that causes the infection was been detected in mosquitoes collected a trapping sites in both Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties.

The health department said that a West Nile Virus infection is to be expected around this time of year.

Attention has been given this year to the spread of Zika infections through mosquito bites. But the insectse can also spread West Nile Virus infections, authorities said.

They advised a variet of protective measures, including avoiding areas with concentrations of mosqitoes, and wearing long pants and long sleeves, as well as hats.

Most West Nile infections cause no symptoms. Some infected person have some combination of such symptoms as aches, fever and rashes.

A small percentage of those exposed develop more severe infections.