A teenaged girl and her dog were attacked and injured Thursday afternoon by five dogs as the teen walked through a Rockville neighborhood, Montgomery County police said.

Police and an animal service officer were called to the 12700 Robindale Drive about 5 p.m. and found the victim and her dog, said Thomas Koenig, director of animal services division of the county police.

The victim was taken to a hospital with serious injuries that were believed to be non-life threatening. Her dog was critically injured and being treated at an emergency veterinarian hospital, Koenig said. Officials did not release further details about the teen or her dog.

Authorities took custody of the five dogs believed to be involved in the attack, and they were declared “dangerous” in accordance with county code, Koenig said.

The dogs taken into custody were initially described as being pit-bull type mix, but their exact breed had not been confirmed late Thursday, Koenig said.

The dogs’ owner has a right to appeal the county’s declaration and the determination is subject to a follow-up hearing, Koenig said. If the county keeps custody of the dogs and the dangerous declaration is upheld, then they likely will be “humanely euthanized,” Koenig said.

Officials were still investigating how the dogs escaped from their property and how the attack happened, Koenig said.