Nobody would be so flippant as to call the past week “bank robbery week,” but that designation might not be so far off. From April 16 through Friday, the Washington area recorded six bank robberies or attempts.

Probably the most dramatic, at least as described, was carried out April 16, a Saturday, in the Falls Church, Va., area, marking what the FBI called in a tweet the “return of the Forever Loyal Bandit.”

It occurred about 9:40 a.m. at the Capital One bank branch in the 7500 block of Leesburg Pike, and people shopping at the Whole Foods or the Trader Joe’s in the vicinity may not have been aware how close they were to witnessing the event.

The same man, according to the FBI, is wanted in connection with not only the April 16 robbery, but also five earlier robberies in Northern Virginia, going back to June 27, 2014. The FBI’s “Forever Loyal” designation refers to wording on a T-shirt worn in the first two robberies.

Before April 16, the most recent robbery attributed to the “Forever Loyal Bandit” was on Nov. 6, according to the FBI.

No explanation was available for the long period of apparent inactivity. Nor were any theories made available as to why the robber decided that April 16 was the appropriate time to allegedly strike again.

In all of the alleged “Forever Loyal” robberies, the FBI said a note was passed demanding money.

In addition to the April 16 robbery, bank robberies or attempts were reported last week in Alexandria on April 18, and in the District.

In the District, a man who robbed a bank in the NoMa area on Wednesday apparently robbed the same bank Thursday and then tried to rob still another bank in the next block, according to the FBI.

A man was taken into custody in connection with the attempt, authorities said.

Matters did not end there, however.

Another bank robbery was reported Friday, in the 1000 block of Brentwood Road NE at the Citibank branch, officials said.