A Virginia man known for his association with the alt-right movement and the Gamergate scandal has been charged with assault on law enforcement and public intoxication.

Loudoun County deputies responded at 6:45 a.m. Aug. 27 to the Hampton Inn & Suites in the 22700 block of Holiday Park Drive for the report of an intoxicated man asleep on a couch in the lobby, a spokesman for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office said. The hotel is near Dulles International Airport.

Ethan Ralph (Courtesy Ethan Ralph)

Deputies approached the man, later identified as Ethan O. Ralph, 30, of Richmond, and tried to wake him, but the man became combative and tried to walk away before resisting arrest and taking a swing at a deputy, the spokesman said.

Ralph, editor in chief of the Ralph Retort, a conservative news website, was charged with public intoxication, obstruction of justice and two counts of assault on law enforcement. He remained in jail until Wednesday, when he was released on $3,500 bond.

In a telephone interview, Ralph declined to discuss the incident but said he was resuming his duties at the Ralph Retort, which publishes articles such as “DESPARATE: Google Gmail Automatically Sending Emails from Trump Campaign to SPAM Folder” and “Jewish Overlords Pull The Plug On #BLM Broadway Show After Blacks Declare War on Israel.”

“If you want to call me alt-right, that’s probably fair,” Ralph said.

The alt-right, known for its white nationalism and antigovernment sentiment, was denounced by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a high-profile speech last month.

Ralph is also known for his role in Gamergate — a vitriolic culture war that erupted online in 2014 between those who say there should be more room for women in gaming and those who aren’t concerned with inclusiveness.

“Some people really hate me, and for good reason,” Ralph wrote last month. “I have wrecked countless SJWs [social-justice warriors] and other assorted progressives/regressives over my last two years. Am I the biggest? No. Am I the baddest? No. I have put in some solid work, though.”

Ralph was also accused of “doxxing” game designer Brianna Wu — publishing documents containing her personal information online. Wu fled her home in 2014 after receiving death threats.

“After he published the information . . . the posts [were] truly terrifying,” Wu said in an interview. “It puts so much information out there in one place, it puts a target on my back.” She added: “I think he attacks women in the gaming industry because it’s trying to fill some hole in his heart.”

Ralph denied wrongdoing.

“Anything that was posted was public information,” he said.

As some on social media criticized Ralph for his arrest, Ralph described it as “a personal issue that I got myself into.” He said he hoped his case wouldn’t be turned into “an alt-right or a Gamergate issue,” but thought it inevitable.

“If one of my adversaries or critics had gotten arrested, there’s a good chance I would have written about it, too,” he said.

Ralph is due back in court Oct. 25.