A security guard was stabbed and fired his gun Sunday evening during a confrontation in Prince George’s County after an alleged shoplifting incident, county police said.

The guard was stabbed during a struggle with another man in a parking lot outside a supermarket in the 9800 block of Livingston Road in the Fort Washington area, said Officer Antonia Washington, a police spokeswoman. The guard’s wound was in the upper body and his condition was unclear, she said.

During the struggle, the guard fired his gun and the other man suffered a minor injury, Washington said. But, she said, it was not clear whether the injury was a graze wound from the guard’s gunshot.

The guard and the other man were taken to a hospital after the incident, which occurred around 5:30 p.m., she said.

The encounter began in the store, she said, when the guard tried to stop a man in connection with a possible shoplifting incident. The confrontation continued in the parking lot after the man attempted to leave, Washington said.