Three recent incidents in the District, in which four guns were seized on the streets over the weekend, raise the possibility that the person passed on the sidewalk, or seated in the adjacent automobile, may be armed.

In the incidents, as described by police, a gun was pointed on Capitol Hill, someone was shot from a car in Northwest, and police made three arrests after approaching a group of people on a Northwest Washington Street.

In the Capitol Hill incident, an account posted on a police bulletin board said officers were flagged down about 8 p.m. Sunday at 8th and E Streets SE and told that a man had pointed a gun from a car window during “an apparent road rage incident.”

Police said a vehicle was later stopped in the 300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue SE, and a gun was seized. One person was arrested, police said. The site of the arrests was about four blocks from the Capitol and the House of Representatives Office Buildings.

Also on Sunday evening, officers on bicycle patrol were in the 2900 and 3000 blocks of 11th Street NW, “in response to the recent incidents involving gunshots,” a police official said in a separate posting on another computer bulletin boards.

Commander Stuart Emerman, head of the third police district, said that as the officers approached a group of people, all three of them ran.

After a brief chase, Emerman said, officers made three arrests. Each of those arrested, one adult and two teenagers, had a pistol, Emerman said. The three were arrested and the three guns seized, he said.

The site of the Sunday incident was near where a woman was hit by gunfire late the night before, according to a police account.

Police said several people were sitting on the steps of a house about 11:15 p.m. Saturday. A car pulled up, and, according to police, several shots were fired from the vehicle. The woman received a wound that was not life-threatening and was taken to a hospital, police said.