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A man was fatally shot and three other people were wounded Tuesday night in the Germantown area of Montgomery County, the police said.

The shooting occurred shortly after 9 p.m. on Curry Powder Lane according to Capt. Tom Jordan, the county police spokesman.

Three men and a male youth were all hit, Jordan said. One of the men died, he said.

None of the victims was identified by name.

The spokesman said investigators did not believe the gunfire was a random event, but he did not elaborate.

A resident of the area said the shooting occurred in the parking lot of a townhouse development.

She said she heard about eight shots, followed by screams.

After the gunfire broke out, she said, people ran in all directions.

Police swarmed into the neighborhood and a helicopter circled overhead.

The conditions of the three wounded victims could not be immediately learned.

An active investigation was under way in the area as midnight approached.

Curry Powder Lane is a short street that leads to the parking lot where the shots were reported. Houses cluster around the lot.

The resident said she did not think any special event prompted the gathering of youths in the lot.

She said such gatherings occur regularly on warm spring evenings. She said she understood that many of those who assemble in the lot live elsewhere.

The neighborhood where Curry Powder Lane is located is about one mile west of Interstate 270.

It is northwest of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and about one mile north of Seneca Creek State Park.