D.C. Police

Earlier this month in a Northeast D.C. neighborhood, all seemed well. It was a sunny day with below-average temperatures and the weekend was on the way.

Then, tragedy struck: In broad daylight on Sept. 8, with nary a sideways glance, a man stole a plant from a doorstep in the 600 block of I Street NE. Surveillance footage released Friday by D.C. police showed the man, wearing sunglasses, a baseball cap and jeans, boldly marching off with the flora.

This was no small aloe or snake plant. It was a large potted plant about as tall as the person of interest who grabbed it by the trunk and strode away in what police think is a brazen act of theft.

Police asked that anyone with information about the missing plant or the man who took it contact them at 202-727-9099.