The 29-year-old who died in the custody of Hyattsville police Wednesday has been identified as Edwin Morales of Mount Rainier.

Morales was in handcuffs when he became unresponsive after struggling to breathe, said the Prince George’s County Police Department, which is investigating his death. Hyattsville police said officers performed CPR on Morales but he later died at a hospital.

Hyattsville police said they were called to the Riverdale Park area after a 64-year-old man reported his bike had been stolen. Authorities said they found Morales fleeing on the bike in the 5900 block of Baltimore Avenue.

During a “brief pursuit,” Morales jumped off the bike and ran before he fell down twice and eventually tumbled into a wooded area, police said.

Police said officers handcuffed Morales and called an ambulance because they suspected “unknown drug intoxication.”

“While waiting for an ambulance, officers closely monitored the suspect’s condition” and “when he became unresponsive, officers immediately unhandcuffed him and began CPR,” Hyattsville police said.

Officers “briefly revived” Morales before he was taken to a hospital.

When asked whether force was used during Morales’s detainment, Hyattsville police said in a statement that body-camera footage shows an officer swinging a baton at the man’s leg during the foot chase, but it appears it did not make contact or cause him to fall.

Hyattsville police referred further questions about the investigation to Prince George’s police.

Prince George’s police said it could not address questions about whether additional force was used on Morales, citing the ongoing investigation. In a news release Friday, county police said internal affairs investigators are “reviewing all evidence related to the incident, including video, and awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine how Morales died.”