Foul odors and visible sewage have seeped through Turtle Park, a popular playground and spray park in upper Northwest Washington, and children who played there recently have become ill, according to a D.C. Council member.

Mary M. Cheh, (D-Ward 3 ) wrote to city officials that the smell of sewage, which had been detected earlier, “returned by this past Friday.”

She also wrote that on Monday she received reports that the smell “was particularly bad this weekend.”

In her letter, Cheh said what was most troubling of all was that she had been told that “numerous children who played in the park this weekend have been experiencing vomiting.”

In her letter, Cheh asked that the city’s health department contact the parents of the affected children to determine a proper course of action.

She also asked the city agencies to shut down the park until the situation is remedied.

Turtle Park is at 45th Street and Massachusetts Avenue NW, near the Spring Valley and American University neighborhoods.