If you saw this incident, you might wonder what must be done to attract public notice around here. It happened Saturday afternoon in Fairfax County, and included a car chase and a foot chase; it had a car twice going the wrong way on a busy road, and it had a car ramming two police vehicles.

Police said one man was involved in all those goings on. When they tried to make an arrest of a man who fled on foot, they said, three officers were required.

It may have seemed more akin to a television production than to real life in the orderly suburbs of Washington DC. But despite seemingly failing to draw widespread attention, it began, the Fairfax County police said, about 4:50 p..m. Saturday at Little River Turnpike and Columbia Road.

This, essentially, is their account:

An officer spotted a car driving fast and recklessly at the intersection and tried to stop it. But it didnt stop. A chase began. The driver being chased crossed the median into oncoming traffic on Little River Turnpike, and kept going.

After a while, the driver went back into the proper lines, but still showed no sign of stopping for pursuing police. Then, on Little River Turnpike near Pinecrest Vista Drive, the fleeing car made a sudden U-turn. The car and a police car collided, almost head on.

But the driver kept going. It was back across the median again, and onto the westbound lanes of the turnpike. The fleeing car headed east, against the flow of traffic.

At that point, the police decided to use what is known as a precision immobilization technique. It is called PIT for short, and it is a way of stopping a fleeing car by using a police vehicle to give it a bit of a nudge.

The maneuver succeeded. The fleeing vehicle began to spin. But, its driver retained control and apparently was able to get it moving again.

It then "drove head-on into another police car,"

Police moved in. They used other police cars to block the fleeing car. At that point, its driver got out and ran.

Police gave cjase. seized a man a short distance away, they said, and after a struggle, placed him in handcuffs.

Police said Edward Jerome Butler Jr., 32, of the District was charged with hit and run, possession of marijuana, and assaultl on a law enforcement officer. Police said another offense with which he was charged involved the tint of the windows of a vehicle.

He was not injured, police said.