In an unusual sort of hit and run incident, a vehicle struck a building in Prince George’s on Monday, then drove off

An incident of "hit and run," it is fair to say, causes many of us to think of a car plowing into a pedestrian, or another vehicle, then driving off. But an incident in Prince George's County on Monday, seemed to expand the possibilities of hit and run.

According to the county police, a car smashed into a building in the 3400 block of Dodge Park Road in the Lanham area of the county. Part of an exterior building wall appeared to be pushed inward, with building materials strewn about.

It appeared that the car was nosing into a space in a parking lot, when it continued forward, ran over a curb, and across a grassy strip.

Cars generally remain on streets and roads, or in garages and parking lots. But from time to time in the Washington metropolitan area, cars run into stores or houses.

The impact of the crash, and the wreckage created, often leaves the car disabled. Many photographs exist of cars seemingly embedded in buildings, like some sort of modern art installation.

But in Lanham on Monday, the car apparently backed away from the building after the impact. After some time lapsed, police said it drove away.

The "car that hit the building in Landover fled the scene," the county police said.

They are looking for it, and have some leads, said Cpl. Lamar Robinson, a police spokesman.

It appeared that the incident was more than a possibly amusing novelty. No injuries were reported, but a broadcast news account indicated that two families were displaced.