In uncommon event, fire came to firehouse in the District on Sunday, authorities said. (DC fire and ems photo)

The bell rings. The firefighters slide down the pole, jump into their trucks and roar out the firehouse door, on their way to fight the fire. But every now and then, on days such as Sunday, according to the D.C. fire department, the fire comes to the firefighters.

In fact, the department said, it rolled right up to the firehouse door.

It was a large private trash collection truck, that showed up at the red brick building with the gable roof in the 1300 block of Rhode Island Avenue NE, in the Brentwood neighborhood.

It was burning, the fire department said on Twitter. A “deep-seated” fire was brought by the vehicle to the firehouse. It’s “not often the fire comes to you,” the department observed. But there it was.

The firehouse is the home of engine company 26, and truck company 15. And out of the firehouse came the firefighters, in full turnout, and set to work, the department said, to put out the fire that came to them.

The fire showed up at the firehouse door in the District on Sunday., authorities said. It was deep inside a trash truck, they said. (DC fire and ems photo)