Something is to be said for almost any day, and of Saturday, we may say it was windy and gave us some of this month’s more recognizable wintry moments.

The whoosh and whistle of the swiftly moving air, boisterously unbound by concerns for the serenity of the nation’s capital, offered a sense that something was stirring around us.

Such suspicions received confirmation from National Weather Service figures, which showed a peak gust of 37 mph.

Only one day this month experienced a stronger gust. That was Wednesday, Inauguration Day, when the Weather Service reported a 49 mph gust.

A gust, of course, is only momentary and transient. More sustained than a mere gust is the wind. Saturday’s maximum wind was 28 mph.

To a city often claimed to be sensitive to which way the wind is blowing, we can give the answer for Saturday.

Sustained wind and gusts came at us from the north and west, often the suppliers of Washington’s winter at its wintriest.

Yet, while Saturday was obviously winter, it spared us the day-long ferocity of the season at its fiercest. Saturday boasted winter wind but also winter sunshine.

Clouds seemed to be in storage.

For much of the afternoon, the sun ruled a blue sky. Of course, it was only a January sun, of which not too much may be asked.

And at times, Saturday seemed to offer the full winter combo.

This was particularly so just before 9 a.m. In temperatures below 32 degrees, light snow danced in a 20 mph wind.

As it turned out, the snow was not enough to measure. But perhaps its day will come.