Two neighbors had long disagreed about the property line between their homes in Virginia.

On Sunday, that disagreement turned deadly, when an 80-year-old man fatally shot his 65-year-old neighbor, authorities said. Louise Hubert Guy Prud’Homme, president and chief executive of a Northwest Washington development company, died in the driveway of his Spotsylvania County home, officials said.

Deputies arrested Larry Keith Johnston, who was charged with first-degree murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, said Lt. C.A. Carey, a county sheriff’s office spokesman.

The shooting happened in Spotsylvania County along Young Lane, about 20 minutes outside Fredericksburg.

The two had disagreed for several years about the boundary between their properties, Carey said.

Larry Keith Johnston, 80, has been charged in the fatal shooting of his 65-year-old neighbor in Spotsylvania County, Va. (Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office)

On Sunday, Prud’Homme had a landscaping crew working on his property, officials said. The crew was cutting grass, tending to plants and planting flowers, Carey said.

At some point, the two homeowners got into a verbal argument. It escalated and ended with Johnston shooting Prud’Homme once in the chest. Johnston left the victim lying in the driveway.

Prud’Homme, owner of Columbia Property Capital, was pronounced dead on the scene, authorities said. Johnston went back to his own home, said the sheriff’s office, and that’s where deputies found him a short time later.

Landscape workers who witnessed the shooting identified Johnston as the shooter, investigators said.

Johnston was taken into custody and arrested without incident. He is being held without bond at a local jail.