The woman had come to the United States from Germany to visit a friend in 2008, but an unexpected romance with an older man quickly blossomed, according to court filings. Within months, she was living with Jude Lovchik.

They would celebrate a wedding in 2010 and then have a child, but before they were married, court documents said, Lovchik told her that he felt compelled to share a chilling confession: He had raped about 20 women.

Lovchik told the woman that he wore a black ski mask and described in detail a series of sexual assaults he carried out when he was in his 20s, according to court documents. He told her that he was the “Fairfax rapist,” what authorities now believe is a reference to a string of sexual assaults that terrorized Northern Virginia nearly three decades ago.

The confession was horrific, but what came next was also shocking. Lovchik had the woman re-create the sexual assaults with him, the court records allege.

The whole episode might have remained a secret, but the woman went to Arlington police in 2016, claiming that Lovchik assaulted her during a contentious divorce, according to court records. She let spill what Lovchik had told her, touching off a major investigation that resulted in his arrest.

Prosecutors revealed the new details in motions as they prepare to try Lovchik, 51, in December in a 1995 attack in which he has been charged with sexually assaulting four women in a Reston apartment. Authorities allege he filmed the acts with a camcorder.

Lovchik has not been charged in any other cases, but investigations into the sexual assaults that occurred across a swath of Fairfax and Prince William counties in the early and mid-90s are ongoing. Police said at the time they believed that the cases were probably linked to a perpetrator who came to be known as the “Centreville rapist.”

Fairfax County Public Defender Dawn Butorac, who is representing Lovchik, declined to comment on the prosecution’s assertions in the filings. Prosecutors also declined to comment. Lovchik’s former wife did not respond to requests for comment.

Prosecutors and Butorac have been arguing over how much evidence about any other acts allegedly committed by Lovchik and evidence collected during search warrants should be admissible during his trial in the Reston case, which is set to begin Dec. 3.

He faces multiple counts of abduction, sodomy, robbery and firearms offenses.

A judge has sided with prosecutors on some aspects of the requests and the defense on others.

In recent filings, prosecutors said Lovchik told his former wife that he would wait in his car on the street until a “pretty” woman would come by. He told his wife that he would then follow the woman to her home, wait until she went inside and then go in and rape her, prosecutors said.

He told his wife that he would tie victims to a chair before assaulting them, according to court records. Afterward, he would force his victims to drink Coca-Cola to help wash away any DNA evidence from the attacks, according to the filings.

Lovchik warned his ex-wife not to Google “Fairfax rapist” from their home because police would be able to trace the search back to him, according to the prosecution’s filings. The woman told two close friends and other people in Germany about what Lovchik allegedly confessed to her, but it does not appear anyone alerted authorities.

In addition, Lovchik told his former wife that he was arrested and accused of inappropriately touching a teenager at a 7-Eleven and that during his first marriage, he would deal with his urges by exposing himself to women, prosecution filings show.

After Fairfax County detectives received the information from Lovchik’s former wife in March 2017, they put him under surveillance, according to a search warrant. Eventually, they pulled items out of his trash and recycling that appeared to have traces of DNA evidence.

Tests of the materials produced a match with DNA evidence collected from the Reston assault, according to a search warrant. Lovchik was arrested in the summer of 2017 after leaving the area and moving to Florida.

In the Reston case, one of the victims testified at a preliminary hearing that a man crept into her apartment in the middle of the night. The woman told a judge that the man herded her and her three roommates into a bedroom at gunpoint.

The women were made to take off their clothes, blindfolded and forced to perform sex acts on each other before the man assaulted them with a camera running.

“I thought he was going to kill us,” the woman testified.

Afterward, the man took pains to erase any evidence. He vacuumed the bedroom where the assault occurred and removed the vacuum cleaner bag, the woman testified. The man also forced the woman to drink Gatorade to wash any biological evidence out of her mouth and smashed her roommates’ cellphones. He then slipped out into the night.