A man has been arrested in connection with Sunday night’s double homicide in Prince William County, Va., the county police said. They said the killings apparently stemmed from an arrangement to sell a pair of shoes.

The two persons who were fatally shot in a car have been identified as Christopher Jermaine Williams, 28, of Woodbridge, and Israel Gamez, Jr.18, of Stafford, Va. On In a statement released Tuesday, the police indicated that Williams was one of two people who were to buy the shoes. According to police, Gamez was one of two other people who had arranged to sell the shoes.

Under the shoe-sale arrangement a meeting was to be held in the 16800 block of Brandy Moor Loop, police said.

But at some time during the meeting, the police said, an attempt was made to rob the prospective purchasers.

An altercation broke out, the police said, and during the altercation, they said, both Williams, and Gamez were fatally shot.

At some point, the police said, the other prospective purchaser got out of the car and ran.He was not named by police. They described him only as a 22-year-old man.

The other prospective purchaser was not named by police. They identified him only as a 22-year-old man.

Police said the second purported seller also got out of the car and fled.

Police said Daunte Anthony Moten, 22, of 27th Court in Arlington, was arrested Tuesday.

They said he was charged with felony homicide and with robbery.

In their Tuesday statement, the police did not describe the circumstances of the shooting in detail.

No information was given about the shoes that were purportedly to be sold.

Police were sent Sunday night to the Brandy Moor area in response to a report about a shooting. They said the two men who had been slain were found in a car that drove over a curb and into a wooded area.

The killings occurred a short time after a separate incident in which a man was shot and wounded by officers after he had allegedly fired at them.