A 42-year-old man serving 10 years in prison for raping a woman in her Arlington apartment has been charged with kidnapping and raping a woman in Northwest Washington in 2007, according to police and court documents.

Ronald Perry Berton, of Craigsville, Va., was brought into D.C. Superior Court on Wednesday. A grand jury indicted him in November on charges of burglary, kidnapping and first-degree sexual abuse with aggravating circumstances.

He is to be arraigned on Friday.

Police said the attack in the District occurred Oct. 6, 2007, in the 1800 block of T Street NW, near Adams Morgan. Police said a man broke into a residence, went to a woman’s bedroom and sexually assaulted her. Police said he then stole items before fleeing.

Berton was convicted in July 2014 of breaking into an apartment in Arlington in 2010 and raping a woman as she slept. Court documents say the woman did not know she had been attacked until she woke up and found a beer had been taken from her refrigerator and found a condom on her couch. A medical exam revealed she had been raped, the court documents show.

Berton was initially charged with that rape and with burglarizing and intent to commit rape of another woman in 2008. Court documents allege he stood over the woman and masturbated as he held her down.

He was convicted in both cases, but a Virginia appeals court overturned the rulings in 2013, saying the cases had been inappropriately consolidated. The court ordered Berton to be retried in both cases. He was convicted in the 2010 rape case in 2014. Prosecutors did not pursue the 2008 case.