A 20-year-old man was released from jail Tuesday after being charged with assaulting a uniformed U.S. Secret Service officer outside the White House while shouting “Where is the president?” federal court records say.

Steven Carmona, of Wheaton, Md., who will turn 21 on Saturday, must report for drug testing and stay away from a four-square-block area around the White House.

Authorities said Carmona parked a gray BMW 330i in a crosswalk at 17th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW at a pedestrian promenade in front of the White House at about 3:30 p.m. Sunday.

Federal court documents indicate the officer told Carmona he couldn’t park there. Carmona “didn’t respond,” the documents say, and walked east on Pennsylvania Avenue toward the White House.

The documents say the officer again demanded Carmona move his vehicle. Carmona wanted to know why, police said, and the officer repeated that he couldn’t park on a sidewalk.

Police said Carmona “squared-off” against a Secret Service officer in an apparent attempt to fight. Officers took Carmona to the ground, where police said he hit the officer in the jaw and above his right eye with a fist.

Neither Carmona nor his federal public defender could be reached for comment.

He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for July 25. The crime is classified a misdemeanor.

Authorities said Carmona was shouting, “Where is the president?” and told officers, “Just end it, just kill me.”

Court documents say he tried to kick officers after being arrested and tried to head-butt the walls of the prisoner transport van. Police said he was transferred to an ambulance, where he was strapped to a stretcher after spitting at officers and medical staff.