A tow truck driver cleans up wreckage on the Route 210 on-ramp to the Beltway in Oxon Hill, Md., on Monday. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post)

An injured man found Monday morning survived a crash on a highway near the Capital Beltway that might have happened days earlier, according to officials.

The family of Gregory Eubanks, 41, of Fort Washington reported him missing to Prince George’s County police on Saturday, said Ron Snyder, a spokesman for the Maryland State Police.

Eubanks was taken to the University of Maryland Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly. Jania Matthews, a spokeswoman for the hospital, said he was in fair condition.

On Monday, officials were still trying to piece together details surrounding the crash, which occurred on northbound Maryland Route 210 near the Beltway, according to Alan Doubleday, assistant fire chief for the Prince George’s County Fire Department.

Doubleday said authorities received a call about 7:55 a.m. Monday that a contractor for the state’s highway department had found a damaged guardrail along Route 210 at the Beltway. He found a man lying on the ground — about the length of a football field away from a vehicle that had crashed — in an embankment area, according to Doubleday. The man, later identified as Eubanks, was conscious and alert when rescuers arrived and was talking to them.

Eubanks told rescuers from the fire department that he had crashed his vehicle Friday night and had been lying in the heat and rainstorms.

Camille Eubanks, the man’s mother, said her son told her he had left a club in Prince George’s County and was cut off by another driver before the accident occurred. His family reported him missing when he didn’t show up for a cousin’s wedding Saturday. His phone had died, his mother said, with calls going to voice mail.

Her son is in a “lot of pain,” Eubanks said, but is “alert and responsive.”

“He has some fractures, but other than that he’s okay,” she said. “He’s dehydrated and all. He’s been out there since Friday night.”

Family members this weekend drove along Route 210, also known as Indian Head Highway, to search for Eubanks along a route he frequently drives near his fiancee’s home. They drove past the scene of the accident but didn’t notice the damaged guardrail or the wreckage below.

Eubanks, who had been driving alone, tried crawling to a location where he could be seen and yelled for help, but no one heard him, according to family members gathered Monday at the hospital. On Monday morning, he drank water that filled a ravine after heavy rainfall.

A tow truck driver cleans up wreckage on the MD 210 on-ramp to the Beltway in Oxon Hill, Md., Monday morning. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post)

Family members said he was ejected during the crash and suffered leg and shoulder injuries. Speaking was difficult for him on Monday, his family said, because of days spent yelling, trying to be rescued.

Doubleday said Eubanks’s car had “significant damage.” He said crews and rescue dogs that arrived at the scene Monday morning did a search of the area after Eubanks was discovered and found no one else.

“We’re still trying to piece everything together,” Doubleday said. “It’s interesting, for sure. We’ve had hot and then cold weather, and he’s been outside for the duration.”

After a warm Saturday with highs in the 80s, the Washington area was hit with heavy rainfall and gusty winds Sunday night and into Monday morning.

“He’s fortunate that they found him,” Doubleday said.