A Fairfax County jury sentenced a 50-year-old man to 357 years in prison Tuesday for a brutal 1995 sexual assault targeting four roommates in Reston, a prosecutor said.

Jude Lovchik, formerly of Springfield, Va., was convicted of 17 counts of abduction, sodomy and other charges on Monday, following a two-week trial that featured harrowing accounts of the women’s ordeal.

The women, who were then in their 20s, were awoken by a masked intruder in the early hours of June 6, 1995, they testified. The man, who had a gun, made them perform sex acts on each other, before he forced himself on them.

The crime went unsolved for over two decades, before Lovchik’s ex-wife went to authorities in 2016 and told them he had confessed to sexually assaulting about 20 women when he was younger. The woman testified Lovchik asked her to re-enact the attacks and she obliged. DNA evidence later tied Lovchik to the Reston case.

Lovchik has not been charged with other crimes, but authorities are investigating whether he might be responsible for a string of sexual assaults in Fairfax and Prince William counties in the early and mid-’90s. That suspect became known as the “Centreville Rapist.”

A judge can accept or reduce the jury’s sentence when Lovchik appears for final sentencing on May 16, but can not increase it under Virginia law.