Javon Dominique Walker (University of Maryland Police Department)

Authorities combed through surveillance video footage to find a 22-year-old man who police said targeted Pokémon Go players in a series of armed robberies at the University of Maryland’s College Park campus.

Investigators arrested the man — identified as Javon Dominique Walker of Clinton, Md. — on Wednesday, said Sgt. Rosanne Haas, a spokeswoman with U-Md. police.

Haas said authorities also searched Walker’s home and confiscated items, but did not give further details about what was taken.

When U-Md. police first announced the July 12 armed robberies, investigators said that most of the victims were playing or had played the popular cell phone game. In each incident, the victims’ cell phones were stolen.

In the span of about an hour, authorities said there were three robberies involving a total of four victims.

Hoaas said one student was playing Pokémon Go and two others had just finished playing the game when they were robbed. A fourth victim — who wasn’t playing Pokémon Go but was using a GPS app on his phone to navigate around the campus — also was robbed. The fourth victim was not a student.

No one was seriously injured in the robberies, police said.

Walker was charged with four counts of armed robbery, four counts of assault in the first degree, four counts of assault in the second degree and four counts of theft.

Dana Hedgpeth, Dan Morse and T. Rees Shapiro contributed to this report.