A man with a tattoos that include a swastika, upside down crosses and “666” was escorted out of a public pool on Capitol Hill by police on Sunday after patrons objected to his presence and he became belligerent with a life guard, D.C. officials said.

The man was not arrested and authorities said there was no physical confrontation. The incident occurred about 2:45 p.m. at the Rumsey Aquatic Center near Eastern Market.

A statement from the District’s Department of Parks and Recreation does not address why the man entered the pool, which is open to the public, but noted that he sat on a pool deck and charged electronic devices, and did appear to be there to use the pool.

The statement says patrons objected to the man’s presence and that a lifeguard “responded by trying to speak with the individual. At this point, the individual became irate, repeatedly and aggressively using offensive language toward the lifeguard. As the situation began to escalate, a second lifeguard intervened, and the police were called.”

Authorities said the man was asked to leave “due to offensive language and inappropriate behavior.”

The police who responded were with the Protective Services Division, which guards D.C. government buildings for the Department of General Services. A spokeswoman for that agency declined to provide the police report.

The pool was closed for about 30 minutes. Officials said another lifeguard accidentally broke a glass door window while helping to ease the confrontation.

Keith A. Anderson, the director of the Department of Parks and Recreation, said in the prepared statement that the agency’s mission is to “provide universal access to parks and recreation services.”

The statement continued, “We want to reassure our guests that while the agency does not deny access to programs or facilities based on personal appearance, we do require that all guests and employees treat one another with respect.”

Mary Hui contributed to this report.