Marine Maj. Mark Thompson is accused of a pattern of deception in a sexual misconduct case at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. (Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post)

Marine Maj. Mark Thompson, the former U.S. Naval Academy instructor charged with lying in a sexual misconduct case, is set to plead guilty this week, military court records show.

Thompson was slated to stand trial this week, but instead, a plea hearing is scheduled for Thursday morning at Marine Corps Base Quantico, according to the military’s online court docket and a military official.

Thompson, who faces charges of making a false official statement and of conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman, had long sought to clear his name by proving that he was unfairly convicted of sexual misconduct with two female midshipmen at a 2013 court-martial. He brought his allegations to The Washington Post.

The military launched a new investigation into Thompson and filed additional charges after The Post uncovered evidence that he was dishonest when he testified before an administrative board deciding whether he should be kicked out of the Marines.

After the new charges were filed, Marine prosecutors said Thompson should be locked up for nearly three years, fined $200,000 and removed from the service for what they described as a pattern of deception. At 47, Thompson also faces a total loss of his retirement benefits.

Thompson is specifically charged with lying to military authorities, encouraging a friend to lie on his behalf at his earlier court-martial and lying to Post reporter John Woodrow Cox about his accusers.

The details of Thompson’s plea agreement, which must be accepted by a military judge, are expected to be spelled out at length during a day-long hearing Thursday.

Marine Corps spokesman Rex A. Runyon confirmed Wednesday that Thompson’s guilty-plea hearing — first reported by — is scheduled and “that will happen tomorrow.” He declined to provide additional information about the fine print of the deal.

Thompson’s attorney, Kevin McDermott, did not return messages seeking comment this week. It’s possible that Thompson could back out of the pending agreement.

If prosecutors ask for jail time for Thompson and the judge accepts their recommendation, the former history instructor who served in Afghanistan would be escorted out of the courtroom and taken directly to a prison facility.