An officer with the Charles County Sheriff's Office has been suspended after making a “highly inappropriate” comment on Facebook about two teens killed in a crash, the sheriff said. (Courtesy of the Charles County Sheriff's Office)

A Maryland law enforcement officer has been suspended after a comment he posted on his personal Facebook page about teenagers who were killed last week in a crash.

The officer with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office wrote “F--- ’em, shouldn’t have been driving that fast.” The comment was reported to administrators by the public and other employees in the department.

Authorities identified the officer as Robert Glover and said he is a 19 1/2-year veteran of the force. He is assigned to the patrol unit.

The county had three crashes Friday that left four young people dead and another person seriously injured, according to Charles County Sheriff Troy D. Berry.

In one of the crashes, Colin C. Bipat and Desmond L. Cooke — who were both 17 and students at Westlake High School — died after the car they were riding in crashed and struck a traffic-light pole in Waldorf. An 18-year-old student with serious injuries was airlifted to a hospital.


Berry wrote a statement posted Monday on the agency’s Facebook page about Glover’s comments, calling them “highly inappropriate and extremely insensitive.” He said Glover “should have known better,” especially given that he had previously worked in a unit that handles crash scenes.

Attempts to reach Glover on Tuesday weren’t successful.

Berry said he contacted Glover as soon as he knew of the comment. Berry said Glover told him that he had “already removed” the comment and apologized on his personal Facebook page.

Glover has been suspended with pay, which is consistent with state laws, according to Diane Richardson, a department spokeswoman. Officials said there probably will be more “administrative actions,” as they are reviewing the incident.

Berry apologized for Glover’s comment and said it “does not reflect the opinions of myself nor the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.”

He added, “All of us here take this incident very seriously.”

In his statement, Berry said he was saddened by the remarks and found them hurtful to the families of those who were killed and to fellow officers. He said he has worked through several programs to try to establish a relationship with the public based on “integrity, respect, service and compassion for others.”

“One disgusting comment, one insensitive sentence and an officer’s total lack of judgment certainly has the potential to harm that relationship,” Berry wrote.