A man was cut on a Metro train Tuesday night during an attempt to rob him , authorities said.

The cut to the man’s ear was not life-threatening, said Metro spokeswoman Sherri Ly.

The incident occurred about 7:40 p.m. as the man was riding on a Yellow Line train headed toward the U Street Cardozo station from the Georgia Avenue station, the spokeswoman said.

The man said he had closed his eyes in an effort to sleep when he found himself confronted by someone who tried to rob him, Ly said. Authorities were told by the victim that the robber demanded his “stuff.”

The passenger refused, and was cut on the ear, according to Ly. She said he left the train at U Street and went out of the station without reporting the incident. However, she said, someone learned from him about what happened, and police were called.

The passenger was taken to a hospital for medical attention, Ly said.

An investigation was underway at the U Street station Tuesday night.