A Montgomery County police officer shot and killed a man Monday afternoon during an altercation in a townhouse community parking lot in Silver Spring, according to county police officials.

There was no indication the man was armed, but he had become combative toward the officer just before the shooting, said Montgomery Police Chief J. Thomas Manger.

“The officer attempted to speak with the man,” Manger said. “The man became combative. A physical altercation occurred. The man was shot by the officer multiple times.”

Police did not release the dead man’s identity, pending notification of his family members. The officer is a two-year veteran of the force. His name will be released to the public on Tuesday, and officials are reviewing video from his body-worn camera, which he had activated.


The incident unfolded shortly after 2 p.m. in the 9200 block of Three Oaks Drive, about a half-mile east of Colesville Road.


The officer had come to the area for an unrelated call for service, cleared that call, and requested assistance from other officers for a “suspicious person” in the community. The officer, of Indian descent, tried to speak with the African American man, police said. It was not clear what was said, police officials said.

“According to witnesses, there was conversation that started, and he immediately became combative,” Manger said of the man shot.

The encounter was brief, the chief said. About two minutes after the officer had requested help, another officer arrived. The second officer radioed that shots had been fired and medics were needed. Officers provided first aid to the man who had been shot. He later died at a hospital.


The officer who fired suffered minor injuries and was treated at a police station, police said.


“There are several uninvolved witnesses who observed the confrontation between the officer and the man as well as observed the shooting,” Manger said.

The chief said Monday evening that he had watched the officer’s body-worn camera footage. He did not specify how many shots were fired, but several witnesses said they heard several shots.

It remains unclear whether the officer thought the man was trying to reach for the officer’s gun.

Montgomery County has an agreement with Howard County, in which each county’s police-involved shootings are reviewed by prosecutors from the other county. That outside review is expected to take place in this case, Montgomery officials said.

Some residents in the townhouse community said they heard gunshots, including Ella Robinson, 15, who was home sick from school.

She said she heard five or six rapid gunshots, in an interview with permission from her mother.

“It was like bang, bang, bang, bang, bang . . . right in a row,” Ella said.