A Montgomery County resident was bitten by a copperhead Saturday. The snake was collected by animal control personnel. (Montgomery County fire and rescue photo)

A Montgomery County resident was bitten by a venomous snake Saturday while gardening, according to the county’s fire and rescue service.

But it appears that the resident beat the odds.

Pete Piringer, spokesman for the fire and rescue service said emergency responders described the attack as a “dry bite.”

To snake specialists, the “dry bite” is one in which no venom is injected.

Copperheads are vipers, and one website specializing in snakes, SnakesandSpiders.com, said odds of a dry bite from a viper have been estimated at about one in five.

It was not immediately clear how dry bites are distinguished from bites in which venom is injected.

The incident was reported in the Rockville area, near Bouldercrest Court and Hurley Avenue, in the vicinity of Watts Branch Park.