The District organization that picks candidates for judgeships in D.C. Superior Court nominated nine Washington lawyers Tuesday to fill three coming judicial vacancies.

Three judges have announced their retirement from the bench: Stuart Nash, Rhonda Reid-Winston and Melvin R. Wright.

The Judicial Nomination Commission, which selects judicial candidates, identified its nominees. They include Errol Rajesh Arthur, a magistrate judge at the courthouse; lawyer Willa B. Perlmutter; lawyer Gary Thompson; former prosecutor Emily A. Gunston; lawyer Deborah J. Israel; lawyer Lee W. Jackson; Julie R. Breslow, a former prosecutor who is now a magistrate judge on the court; lawyer Carmen Guerricagoitia McLean; and lawyer Jonathan H. Pittman.

The list of names will be sent to President Obama, who will select three nominees to submit to the Senate for confirmation.