More than one in four of the commercial vehicles inspected Tuesday in Prince George’s County were ordered off the road for violation of safety, weight and equipment regulations, authorities said.

Led by the state police and involving several other law enforcement agencies, Tuesday’s effort targeted more than 400 vehicles that were traveling on the Capital Beltway, the state police said.

Vehicles were diverted to a parking lot at FedEx field for inspection by county and state truck inspectors, the state police said.

They said 27 vehicles were taken out of service for tire violations. They said 86 more were taken out of service for other violations.

One vehicle was 12 tons overweight, the state police said.

They said that vehicles placed out of service could not return to the highway without repairs to correct violations.

A total of 115 traffic citations were issued, the police said, along with 251 warnings.

In addition to various arms of the state police, agencies involved in Tuesday’s program included the state transportation authority police, the Prince George’s, Montgomery and Howard County police departments, the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, the Greenbelt police and the state department of the environment.

It was not immediately clear how the vehicles were selected for inspection. However, the results appear to contribute to the sense among many motorists of the hazards of driving on the Beltway.