A suspected shoplifter at a discount store in Prince George’s County was fatally shot inside the retail outlet Wednesday afternoon during a struggle with an armed employee, according to police.

Seat Pleasant Police Chief Devan Martin said the employee, a member of the Discount Mart’s management team, was legally permitted to have the weapon.

The precise circumstances of the shooting, which occurred about 2:20 p.m. in the store in the 400 block of Eastern Avenue, remained under investigation Wednesday. The name of the person who died was not immediately made public. The store is located near the border with the District.

Martin said officers arrived at the store and found the suspected shoplifter on the floor and wounded. That person later died at a hospital.

He said officers learned the person had been suspected of theft and had been shot during an altercation with the store employee. Martin said the gun discharged during the scuffle but did not elaborate. Police said they were investigating whether the person who was shot was armed.

Martin said there were about a dozen witnesses and many security cameras.