A McLaren 720S crashed in the Great Falls area of Fairfax County on Saturday. The driver’s injuries were described as not life-threatening. But the dollar value of the damage was placed in the six figures. (Fairfax County Police photo)

The British sports car that crashed into a tree in Fairfax County on Saturday had been owned for a day and represented a dollar loss in the hundreds of thousands, according to the county police.

In a Twitter post, the police called the vehicle a McLaren 720S, which they described as “costing around $300,000.”

After the crash in the Great Falls area, the driver was taken to a hospital, the police said, with injuries that “thankfully” were not life-threatening.

Asserting that the wreck destroyed the vehicle and occurred because of speeding, the tweet called it “a reminder to slow down.” Otherwise, police said, “it could cost you.”

On its website, the McLaren company said its 720S model is a supercar, lighter, stronger and faster, embodying “our relentless quest to push the limits of possibility.”

Police said the crash occurred about 7:45 a.m. in the 1000 block of Walker Road. The site was about a mile and a half south of Georgetown Pike.

According to the tweet, it could have been driven for only a brief time. “Purchased Friday,” the tweet said. “Totaled Saturday.”

The driver was not identified.

A used McLaren 720S, with about 1,300 miles on it, is advertised on the Carfax website for $317,255.