In a crime that might seem a relic from an earlier era, robbers used teamwork Friday afternoon to pick a man’s pocket near Capitol Hill, according to D.C. police.

Police said the robbery occurred about 1:45 p.m. in the unit block of Massachusetts Avenue NE, which is about a block west of Union Station. It was executed by a team of two, both male and each with a specialized role.

Reporting that “several similar incidents” have occurred in that area, police called for vigilance and asked people there to be “alert and aware.”

According to police, in Saturday’s incident, one pickpocket dropped pamphlets in front of the victim, who stopped to help gather them.

As he did, police said, the second pickpocket bumped him from behind and took his wallet from his pocket.

Police said the victim did not realize what had happened and did not discover his loss until shortly afterward.

It could not be immediately learned what was in the wallet.

Police provided only a sketchy description of the pickpockets, saying both were male and one appeared to be 35 to 45.

In addition to its proximity to the railroad terminal, the site is less than a half mile north of the U.S. Capitol.