Volunteers, D.C. Police and furloughed federal workers clean up Fort Dupont Park where more than 1,000 tires were illegally dumped. (Courtesy of D.C. Police)

Authorities arrested and charged a man who allegedly dumped more than 1,000 tires in Southeast Washington.

Deron Winston McDonald, 56, of Alexandria, Va., was arrested Wednesday.

Earlier this month, a group of D.C. Police cadets, along with volunteers and furloughed federal workers, helped clean up the tires from a muddy stream bed and steep embankment at Fort Dupont Park.

D.C. Police said the tires had been dumped at the more than 300-acre property by McDonald, who officials said was paid by auto body shops to get rid of used tires.

Officials have said that instead of disposing of them properly, they believe he used a stolen truck with stolen license plates and dumped the tires in a stream and embankment. Environmental experts said the dumped tires could be a health hazard because they easily fill with water and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and homes for rats.

Police arrested Deron McDonald, 56 and charged him with illegal dumping. (Courtesy of D.C. Police)

McDonald has been charged with illegal dumping.