Alejandro Avelar allegedly made online threats to bring guns and explosives to High Point High School in Beltsville, Md. (Courtesy of Prince George's County Police)

Authorities have charged a 20-year-old man accused of using his Twitter account to threaten to bring explosives and guns to a Prince George’s County high school.

Alejandro Avelar, an alumnus of the school he threatened — High Point High in Beltsville — faces charges of threat of mass violence and other charges.

Prince George’s County Police said they investigated and found that Avelar, of Adelphi, “does not have access to firearms or explosives.”

It was not immediately clear when Avelar had made the threats to the school.

This incident comes as schools across the country deal with increasing social media threats of violence at facilities

Police and school officials often have to deal with how — and when — to respond to threats in a way to protect students and staff while also not creating unneeded worry. Some threats come online and others are made using computer-generated robo-calls. How to deal with them can vary by each situation.

In a statement, police in Prince George’s said they “take seriously all threats against targets” in the county and “will work aggressively to arrest whoever is responsible for sending those threats.”

The police also encouraged the public to report threats of violence they see on social media.