One time, police said he broke into a shop in Columbia Heights by crashing through a wall. Four days later, police said he broke into the same shop, only this time through the ceiling.

In both hauls, D.C. police said the man took thousands of dollars worth of cellphones from a small store on 14th Street called Libreria Cristiana, which sold Christian books, computers and mobile phones.

Police said they arrested Lorenzo Adams, 19, of Southeast on Wednesday and charged him with those two burglaries and four other break-ins over the past several weeks, including one in which $10,000 was taken. The suspect was awaiting his initial appearance in court on Thursday.

The first break-in at the shop in the 3600 block of 14th Street NW occurred about 8:30 p.m. on Nov. 13. Police said the suspect got into an adjacent business and kicked his way through the wall and into Libreria Cristiana. Police said he took at least 15 cellphones valued about $15,000.

On Nov. 17, police said, the man returned to the store about 12:30 a.m. This time, he got into the building through a vent on the roof that had been left open, then kicked his way through drywall to again get into the shop, police said. They said 14 cellphones were taken, worth about $12,000.

Authorities said the suspect came to the store a third time, on Nov. 22, but left without taking anything. Attempts to reach the owner of Libreria Cristiana were not successful.

On Dec. 19, police said the man broke into a Metro PCS store in the 3100 block of Mount Pleasant Street NW by prying off window security bars. But police said he was unable to get into the area where the phones and money were kept and left without taking anything.

Police said Adams returned to the Metro PCS store on Dec. 26 and again got inside by prying off the security bars. Police said that this time he was successful in reaching the merchandise area, taking seven cellphones and a box containing $10,000 in cash.

On Jan. 11, police said the man returned to Libreria Cristiana on 14th Street and broke in through the front door. But by then, police said in a report, the store had closed and the location was empty.

Adams was charged with six counts of burglary.