Two teenagers were arrested in connection with last week’s beating and attempted carjacking of a dog-walker in the Columbia Heights area, the D.C police said.

Police said both were charged as adults with assault with intent to rob while armed and armed carjacking in connection with an incident in the 1400 block of Euclid Street NW.

They were identified as Kaveyon Andrews, 16, of Northeast, DC, and Thadduse Hartridge, 17, of Southeast.

In addition, police said they were charged in two other robberies in the same area as the Thursday incident.

In an earlier report on the Euclid Street incident, police said one robber assaulted the victim, while the other got into her car.

After the assault, the first robber also got into the car. But they did not succeed in taking it and fled on foot, the police said.

The woman, 69, was attacked with a heavy object and was severely injured, according to her daughter and a police account.

In the statement issued Saturday night, the police thanked members of the public for what they said were “numerous tips.”