Racist fliers were found Saturday in at least two Alexandria neighborhoods, prompting dismay and indignation from residents and officials, who disavowed the messages conveyed and called them unprecedented.

Some fliers were posted on utility poles or stuck under car windshield wipers in the Del Ray area, where “they became quite the talk of the neighborhood,” said community activist Gayle Reuter. “They are so disgusting,” she said.

The messages, one of them msuggesting that whites were being driven from their own country, “couldn’t be any farther from what the inclusive Del Ray area is about,” she said.

The fliers, also found in the north Old Town area, were “clearly not representative of Alexandria,” said Craig Fifer, spokesman for the city.

He said he had lived in Alexandria for 13 years, and “these are something I haven’t seen before.”

On her Facebook site, Alexandria mayor Allison Silberberg called the flyers horrible, saying that they reflect “a new low in ignorance.”

“In the strongest possible way,” she added, she wished to reiterate that “we denounce hate speech, hate crimes, and discrimination in all forms”

Several different flyers were found, each with a different message.. One appeared to oppose what it called the “Lying Press,” and another suggested that the United States might benefit by adopting Fascism.

Crystal Nosal, spokeswoman for the Alexandria police, said the police are investigating.