(Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

Three Prince George’s County police officers fired shots at a man who drove from an attempted vehicle stop Thursday afternoon at an apartment complex in Laurel, Police Chief Hank Stawinski said.

Police were searching for the suspect Thursday evening.

No injuries were immediately reported after the shootings, which began in the 14700 block of Shiloh Court in the Laurel area about 3:05 p.m. and led to a police chase into Anne Arundel and Howard Counties.

Just before the incident, the department’s Special Assignment Team had a 20-year-old man under surveillance as police investigated reports of illegal drug sales in the area, Stawinski said during a news conference at the scene.

A uniformed officer in a marked police vehicle approached the suspect in an Acura when he drove forward.

“They were attempting to stop this individual before he could flee,” Stawinski said.

The chief said a preliminary investigation showed that “the officer perceived” that he was going to be hit and discharged four rounds of gunfire.

As the Acura drove off, more cruisers responded and approached the car in an alley behind the complex, Stawinski said. The Acura and a cruiser collided and at least two other officers fired at the vehicle.

The car managed to escape again and drove into Anne Arundel and Howard County, where police later found the vehicle.

The Acura had shattered windows and small amounts of blood inside, but it was not clear whether the officers’ rounds struck the driver, Stawinski said. “The amount of blood we’re seeing at this point is not consistent with a gunshot injury,” he said.

Stawinski declined to say whether officers were fired upon, saying that they had yet to apprehend the driver of the Acura.

Investigators have contacted local hospitals but no one has arrived for treatment of a gunshot wound, Stawinski said.

Police were continuing to look for the 20-year-old, who they said was wanted on a warrant. Officials did not immediately release the details of that warrant.