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Police find no clues after launching new search for remains of Relisha Rudd

A new search launched Friday for the remains of Relisha Rudd and for other evidence related to the girl's disappearance in 2014 ended without police finding anything, a department spokeswoman said.

Police focused on an area in Anacostia Park near a boat ramp north of Pennsylvania Avenue and south of a set of railroad tracks. It is an area of several winding foot paths and a roller-skating pavilion in Southeast Washington.

It was the latest of several fruitless efforts to find any sign of Relisha, who was 8 years old when she went missing from the homeless shelter at the former D.C. General Hospital, where she had been living with her family.

Police said they believe she was abducted by a janitor at the shelter, who later killed his wife and himself. Relisha is believed to be dead, police have said.

Police on Friday said a tip led investigators to the new location, which authorities said included the water of the Anacostia River. Police said in a statement they received a tip "that potential evidence" related to the case might be found.

Authorities did not describe the tip that prompted the search, which lasted about six hours and ended shortly after noon.

Investigators have conducted several lengthy yet unsuccessful searches for the girl in the past, including in April 2016 on the grounds of the U.S. National Arboretum in Northeast Washington and in December 2015 on a 15-acre construction site off New York Avenue in Northeast.

Police search construction site for remains of Relisha Rudd

Relisha was seen with her suspected abductor, Kahlil Malik Tatum, on Feb. 26, 2014, on surveillance video walking with him in a hallway of a Holiday Inn Express at Bladensburg Road and New York Avenue NE. She was last seen with him on March 1, 2014.

The first search for Relisha occurred during that month. Authorities spent days scouring the 700-acre Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens, which abuts the arboretum.

After that search, police all but declared the girl dead and described further searches as recovery missions.

Search of arboretum for missing girls comes up empty

During the search of the Kenilworth site, police found Tatum's body in a shed at the park.

Police said they think he committed suicide after abducting Relisha and killing his wife in a Maryland hotel room.

They also said Tatum, 51, had bought large trash bags. The hotel where he was seen with Relisha is not far from the construction site that was searched and is near the arboretum.

The search launched Friday is in an area about four miles south of the location where Tatum's body was found.

Finding Relisha has been a priority for police, the girl's family and teams of volunteers that have spent weekends searching on their own. Friends and family have thrown Relisha birthday parties themed "Where is Relisha," and some officers have her picture taped to the windshields of their cruisers.

Of the approximately 19,000 people reported missing in the District since 2012, a little more than a dozen cases remain unsolved. Relisha's is one of them.

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