It is often said of innocent victims of violence that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. But on Friday, according to a police account, a youth carrying a gun was arrested, possibly because he too was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The place was the vicinity of a 2 p.m. robbery of a drugstore in the 5600 block of Georgia Avenue NW, police said. Oxycodone was taken, they said.

Members of the 4th Police District’s crime suppression team began looking for the robbers. And they spotted a teenager who seemed to them to fit a description given of the robbers, a police account said.

But when they tried to talk to him, police said, he fled.

Officers began running after him. In the 900 block of Ingraham Street NW, about four blocks south of the site of the robbery, police said they stopped a youth.

The youth, police said, turned out to be carrying a gun.

They said it was a black 9mm Sig Sauer P250 semiautomatic pistol, with 10 cartridges in an extended magazine.

Police said they made an arrest on a charge of illegal possession of a handgun.

According to the police account, officers continued to investigate. They learned, police said, that the youth had not been involved in the store robbery.

Why he was in the area, allegedly with a pistol and 10 cartridges, was not immediately clear.