A reportedly stolen car was pursued through busy Northwest Washington neighborhoods during Friday afternoon’s rush hour, colliding with two Metrobuses and a police car before one person was taken into custody and a second escaped, according to a police account.

It was about 5:15 p.m., in the Columbia Heights area, when officers tried to stop a car in the 2600 block of 11th Street NW, according to the account. The car drove off, police said. They said police determined that the car had been reported stolen.

Police said additional cars were sent to the area, and the car was spotted, heading north on 14th Street NW. As officers spotted the car, the driver apparently spotted them, and again tried to flee, police said.

In the process, police said, the driver ran into two Metrobuses. That apparently gave officers an opportunity to approach the car. But, police said, the driver put it into reverse, and collided with the officers’s car.

The driver headed north on 14th Street, with police in pursuit, according to the account. The car got as far as Kansas Avenue and Quincy Street NW. The driver and a passenger got out and hurried off, according to the police account.

Police said they seized the passenger, who they described only as female.

The driver of the car got away, they said.

In addition to seeking the driver, police said they had “several collisions” on their hands to investigate.

However, they said, it did not appear that anyone was injured. It was not clear how much traffic was on the streets at the time. But on the streets involved, at that time on a workday, traffic is generally heavy enough to make it difficult to drive at high speed.