A man fatally shot by a D.C. police officer Friday took out a gun and waved it around as two officers tried to talk to him about an apparent domestic dispute inside an apartment, according to video from a body camera worn by the officer who fired.

District officials made the video public late Sunday after the family of 36-year-old Terrance Maurice Parker earlier in the day had disputed the account provided by police. Authorities said Parker pointed the firearm at an officer and at a woman who called police to the residence.

It is difficult to see from the fast-moving video whether Parker directly pointed the gun at officers or the woman, although it does appear to show him waving it in their direction. All were inside a small bedroom at the Lex & Leo at Waterfront Station apartments in the 1100 block of Fourth Street SW.

Parker’s oldest sister, Tiffany Parker — who was among the relatives who watched the video on Saturday — said in a statement that it did not show her brother “pointing it at police officers or anyone else as stated by the MPD. Terrance appeared to be complying with police directions.” In a brief interview, Parker said she did not see the gun on the video.

A D.C. police spokesman confirmed the Parker family had watched the body-camera video a day before its public release. Police and other D.C. officials stood by their account that Parker threatened an officer and a woman with the gun.

“There’s a video of Mr. Parker holding a firearm,” said Christopher Geldart, the deputy D.C. mayor for public safety and justice, shortly before the video’s release. “And when the video comes out, I think people will see the clear danger that was there.”

The incident began shortly before 9 p.m. when police were called to the apartment. The woman answered the door and let officers inside, telling them, “Get this b---- out of my house.”

The officers walk into a bedroom near the front door, where Parker is sitting on the edge of a bed, leaning over and using what appears to be a smartphone. Both officers ask, “What’s going on?”

The officers try to talk to Parker, who leans back on the bed. One officer says, “What do you have there?” As the man sits up, he wields a gun in his right hand, still holding the cellphone in his left hand.

He waves it around, at least once in the direction of the officers and the woman, before an officer yells “sir” and appears to fire three times. Parker slumps over on the bed with the gun next to him. He died at a hospital.

In a statement released to the media Saturday and posted online, the police department said: “The adult male suddenly brandished a firearm and pointed it at the female and one of the officers.” A police report says that as officers tried to talk with the man, he took out a handgun “and began to point it towards an officer” and the woman.

In a brief interview, Parker said her brother had been with the woman on and off for the past few years. She did not know the woman’s full name, and police have not provided it. Efforts to reach her have been unsuccessful.

Parker said she did not know what transpired between her brother and the woman Friday night. The family statement said Parker “was known to family and friends as a peacemaker, fun-
loving, and caring individual.”

He did not have children and worked in construction, his family said.

Police said they did not find a record of Parker being involved in domestic abuse with the woman in the apartment. His family said Parker had been the victim of verbal abuse and domestic violence in his relationship.

“We the family demand a complete and thorough investigation of the shooting,” along with the public release of all videos and documents tied to the case, the Parkers said.

The U.S. attorney’s office will review the case after D.C. police complete their investigation. The officers have been placed on administrative leave, which is standard department policy in such cases.