Authorities in Anne Arundel County, Md., said Friday they have found the bodies of three people killed in what they called gang-related homicides.

Police Chief Timothy J. Altomare said 'multiple suspects" have been arrested and during a news conference pleaded with anyone in fear of gang threats to call police.

"I'm asking the citizens of Anne Arundel County, from the bottom of my heart today, that if you're in fear, if you think a gang wants to hurt you, I am begging you to come and talk to us," Altomare said. "Your lives matter to us. It's our job to keep you safe. We take it seriously. And we will move heaven and earth to get you the help you need."

The chief declined to identify the victims or suspects or what gang or gangs were related to the killings. He also didn't say where or when the bodies were found.

Altomare said he was withholding information, in part, owing to concerns about individuals' safety.

"My reticence is directly related to trying to keep people alive," he said.

Altomare said people should be willing to come forward without being asked about their immigration status.

"Anne Arundel County police could care less about people's status, could care less. It's not my business, It's not my job.," he said. "I'm here to help people stay safe, and that's what we're going to do."

The chief said his department is fully committed to stopping gang violence.

"I'll tell you this. Gang's ain't going to take over Anne Arundel County, period," Altomare said, adding, "We have people living in fear in Anne Arundel County and it's going to stop."

Altomare provided two phone numbers for people to call: A gang tip line at 410-222-4700, and a second number, 410-222-4117.