The assailant lit the fuse, reared back and threw the projectile at a Prince George’s County police car. Seconds later, fireworks exploded on the street outside the police cruiser.

No injuries were reported in the Saturday night incident, in which police say a man threw the lit firework at the marked patrol cruiser in Forestville.

Police officials released a video Wednesday of the incident, which happened near Walters Lane and Hil Mar Drive, as the officer sat in the car as part of a high-visibility crime prevention deployment.

“Neither I nor our community will tolerate attacks on our officers of any kind. . . .,” Police Chief Hank Stawinski said in a statement. “Our officer or a bystander could have been seriously injured.”

He said that police have “identified a person of interest and are working to charge the individual responsible for throwing the firework.”

Police said they believe the incident was preplanned because an accomplice recorded a video of it on a cellphone.

The video showed the man , dressed in a dark shirt and shorts, as he crept around the corner of a building, lit the fuse and, with a left-handed heave, hurled the firework toward the police car.