In a message posted Monday on Twitter after two unusually soggy days, the Prince George’s County police noted that “rain doesn’t stop thieves from stealing property from your cars.”

In suggesting the ineffectiveness of atmospheric conditions in preventing the loss of valuables, the police reported 23 thefts from autos this weekend.

Jurisdictions throughout the Washington area have been plagued by thefts from cars, and for months the police in Prince George’s, in particular, have been urging auto owners to take precautions.

Calling larcenies from cars both the county’s “#1 crime,” and also its most preventable, the police continued Monday to call on auto owners “to remove valuables from your vehicle and always lock the doors.”

A slogan of the months-long campaign is, “Hide It. Lock It. Keep It.”

However many motorists may be heeding that exhortation, it appears that thieves are yet to be thwarted. For example, 14 thefts were reported on Thursday, and 16 on Wednesday, the police said.

On Feb. 6, the number was 22, and on Feb. 5, eight.

It was not clear how many of last week’s thefts involved entry into unlocked cars.