The same robber, apparently armed with a pistol, has held up convenience stores in the District five times since the day after Thanksgiving, the D.C. police said.

In the first of the holdups, a convenience store was robbed in the 900 block of Bladensburg Road NE about 2:20 a.m., the police said.

In the most recent of the robberies, money was taken at gunpoint from a store, possibly the same one, in the same block of Bladensburg Road, the police said.

During the intervening period, robberies were carried out in another block of Bladensburg, and on Georgia and Martin Luther King Jr. avenues. In addition to the five robberies, the man attempted a robbery at another store, but left without money.

In that case, they said, an employee fled to the back of the store and the would-be robber left.

Surveillance camera footage shows most of the robberies, but the robber appears to wear a hood and a partial mask and does not seem readily recognizable.

In some of the footage, he holds the gun before him, gripped in both hands. Store employees, according to police, are ordered to open the cash registers. When they are open, in at least some of the incidents, the robber scoops up cash with one hand, while holding the gun in the other.