Seven gunpoint robberies were carried out in a relatively small section of Northwest Washington within three hours Saturday by what appeared to be the same people, according to a D.C. police account.

The robbers apparently drove around Shaw and Columbia Heights and nearby areas in a black Lexus SUV to find targets in the period between 12:19 a.m. and 3:05 a.m., based on the police account. At least one car was taken and one victim was assaulted, but no injuries were reported.

The vehicle apparently used in the holdups was found in Prince George’s County after a chase, but the robbers fled, police said Monday.

So relatively many robberies in so brief a time span is unusual, and no explanation was immediately available. The number of robbers involved was not specified, but the police account indicates there were at least two.

The total area involved appeared to be no more than two square miles. It was not clear whether each of the robbers took part in all the holdups. However, the police account indicated that at least one person was being sought in all seven.

In the first incident, the robbers got out of their car in the 1600 block of Fifth Street at 12:19 a.m., police said. They demanded property and the victim’s vehicle was taken, police said. That vehicle was later found, according to the police.

Succeeding robberies occurred in the 3200 block of Sherman Avenue, the 600 block of U Street, the 900 block of Westminster Street, the 1600 block of Eighth Street, and Georgia Avenue and Irving Street.

The last of the seven was a few minutes after 3 a.m. in the 1000 block of Fairmont Street, according to the police account.