Newly returned search warrants reveal a harrowing scene inside a home in Reston, Va., where police say a couple were shot and killed in late December by a 17-year-old who they believed was espousing neo-Nazi views to their daughter.

Investigators wrote that they recovered 10 cartridge cases, a knife and hammer from the home of Scott Fricker, 48, and Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43. They also found what appeared to be blood stains on a hallway wall, on a bedroom wall, on a bedroom door and on a hallway floor, among other locations.

One search warrant states bullet fragments and holes were found in an office, in a ceiling and in a hallway.

One search warrant also states the suspect in the case was a juvenile offender, but does not detail his conviction or convictions. The Washington Post generally does not name juveniles charged with crimes, unless they are charged as adults.

The details are some of many in the documents, which shed light on the slaying that has generated national attention in recent weeks. The documents also broadly confirm an account of the killings provided by family and friends to The Washington Post.

One of the new search warrants states the investigation revealed the homeowners were opposed to their daughter's relationship with a teenager and recently told her to stop dating him.

Friends and family have said Buckley Kuhn-Fricker grew alarmed after discovering a Twitter account she believed was tied to the teen and that had retweeted numerous tweets that were anti-Semitic, anti-gay, and that praised Hitler and called for a "white revolution."

The family staged an intervention with the daughter in the days before the killing, family and friends said, telling her she could no longer see the teen because of his views. They said the girl had agreed and broke off the relationship.

The search warrants state officers were called to the Fricker home on Black Fir Court around 5 a.m. on Dec. 22 for a report of a person shot. Investigations revealed the suspect and family had a confrontation inside the home.

"The suspect was observed in a verbal confrontation with the homeowners," one search warrant reads. "The confrontation turned violent and the suspect shot and killed the homeowners."

A family member said detectives had told them that the Frickers possibly heard a sound inside the home and found the suspect inside their daughter's bedroom.

The couple confronted the teen and told him to leave, according to the account. He then opened fire on the couple, before shooting himself in the head, the family said. Fairfax County police said the teen remains hospitalized in critical condition and has not been served with the charges yet.

One of the search warrants states there was communication between Buckley Kuhn-Fricker and the suspect's family. A friend of the family's told The Washington Post that Buckley had texted the mother of the suspect in the days before the killings to tell her that the teens could no longer date.

Investigators also found a phone they believed might be the suspect's sister's phone inside the Fricker's home. The search warrant states the suspect often takes it and uses it.

Investigators recovered gun parts, ammunition and a gun box from the suspect's Lorton home, according to a search warrant.

Neighbors of the suspect reported he had mowed a large swastika into a community lot in their neighborhood in October.